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Pets Directory

Pets Directory is an online directory of pet businesses such as pet shops, vets and veterinary practices, catteries, dog boarding kennels, cat breeders, dog breeders and more.

Pets Directory aims to make it easy for you to find local pet and animal resources for the pets and animals you love and care for.

What is different about Pets Directory?

Firstly it is FREE to browse. No registration or login is required to browse Pets Directory of the listings in our directory.

Features a number of categories of listing. From pet shops to vets, dog and cat breeders and a host of other pet and animal listings.

What Are The Categories On Pets Directory

Pets Directory is divided into the following categories:

Animal Welfare Organisations, Bird Breeders, Aquarium & Vivarium Tank Suppliers, Pets Art & Gifts, Dog Kennels, Catteries & Boarding, Cat Breeders, Dog Breeders, Dog Clipping, & Dog Grooming, Dog Trainers, Pet Friendly Hotels & Holiday Venues, Pet Cemeteries & Crematoria, Pet Shops & Pet Supplies, Vets, Aquarium & Pond Supplies, Zoos Wildlife Parks & Sea Life Centres, Pet Services, Pet Foods & Animal Feeds Suppliers.

What Types Of Pet Does Pets Directory Cover

UK Vets and Veterinary Practices

With over 3600 UK vets and veterinary surgeries listed on Pets Directory covering over 1000 towns in every county of the UK throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland you can easily find a local vet. In addition to the listings on Pets Directory of Vets we also operate

UK Dog Related Businesses

You can find over a 1000 dog related businesses on Pets Directory including dogs kennels & boarding facilities, dog breeders, dog trainers, dog grooming & clipping services, pet insurance, pet food suppliers, pet shops and retail outlets. RSPCA and other dog welfare organisations. Labradors, retrievers to gun dogs check out our huge directory of dog breeders in the UK. Dogs make great pets but like any animal must be cared for properly.

UK Cat Related Businesses

We list 100s of UK cat related businesses including catteries and cat boarding facilities, cat breeders, pet insurance companies, pet and animal food suppliers, pet shops and retail outlets.
Cats Protection and other cat welfare organisations are also listed.

Tropical & Freshwater Fish Suppliers

100s of fish related businesses including fish suppliers, aquarium and pond suppliers, food, tank accessories shops and retailers in the UK. Goldfish, tropical fish and more...

Other Pet Suppliers & Services in the UK

Pets Directory also list UK animal charities and welfare organisations, bird breeders, pet artists and portrait suppliers, pet gift suppliers, pet cemeteries and crematoriums, pet friendly holidays and holiday venues such as hotels and self catering cottages and caravans.

As you no doubt love animals due to your interest in our website we have also listed for you a host of great days out at Zoos, Wildlife Parks Aquariums and Sea life Centres through the UK.

Pets Directory is the place to find anything and everything to do with UK pets. Find what you are looking for within a matter of a few clicks and local to you! The directory also has a "get directions" facility so you can find your way there.

Feature Your Pet Business On Pets Directory?

If you are interested in fearuring your pet business or animal organisaiton on Pets Directory please contact us.

Pets Directory...

Making finding local pet businesses and pet resources easy throughout the UK.

Pets Directory

Unlike many other directories Pets Directory is completely FREE to browse.

Pets Directory is now part of the Animal Publications network. Animal Publications specialise in publishing pet and animal related websites.

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